Full verification from request to application to membership.

Physicians, Nurse Practioners and Physicians Assistants wishing to join the LRPHO should call the LRPHO Director, Leigh Anne Hunter, at 318-769-7484. The LRPHO Board of Directors must approve the release of an application for all specialists.

All members of the LRPHO must maintain an appropriate, unrestricted current license or certificate to provide health care services in Louisiana and, if applicable, to comply with DEA regulations. Regular LRPHO physician members must have current privileges at Rapides Regional Medical Center.

LRPHO membership dues are based upon a calendar year and must be paid upon completion of the application and annually thereafter.


Richard F. Norem, MDChairman
Michelle R. Beurlot, MDMember
Kenneth E. Brown, MDMember
Meyer Kaplan, MDMember
Bruce E. Rayburn, MDMember
Jennifer Tarver, VP Finance - RRMCMember
Gregory Brian, M.D. Vice Chairman
Blaine M. Broussard, MDMember
Brian M. Smith, MDMember
Daniel B. Noel, MDMember
Vernon Jones, CEO - RRMCMember
Bill Davis, CFO - RRMCMember

LRPHO Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages to being a member of the LRPHO. The LRPHO offers managed care contracting opportunities for its members in 20 health plans. This includes delegated credentialing on behalf of these health plans, therefore, members do not have to complete a separate credentialing application. LRPHO staff is available to assist your office with unresolved claims issues, appeals, reimbursements and contracting.

The LRPHO offers numerous Continuing Medical Education opportunities live, web- based and archived at no additional charge. Office Manager/Staff education opportunities are provided at no or little charge. Our NewSource quarterly publication provides valuable information regarding payer updates, legislative updates and other information to assist your office staff with billing, credentialing and general practice operations.

Yes. The two main membership categories are regular and provisional. A regular member is affiliated with a Rapides Healthcare System hospital. A provisional member may be associated with a Rapides Healthcare System hospital, but may not have active privileges.

The LRPHO Accounting Firm is contracted to provide K-1’s by March 14th of each year.